Photo Gallery of my Theatre Set-ups - Page 1

Cats - 2022-2023 Performance Set-ups

Cats - 2022-2023 Cast/Dance Rehearsal Set-ups

Hello, Dolly! Rehearsal Kit and Performance Set-ups

West Side Story - Tokyo - Tokyo Stage Around Performance Set-ups

West Side Story - Tokyo - Tokyo Stage Around Rehearsal Set-ups

Top three photos are of the two percussionist, Yurie Kiyota and Tsuchiya Yoshihiro and their set-up.

The book was a one person percussion book - they split the three month run.

West Side Story - Tokyo - NYC Rehearsal Set-ups

An American in Paris Performance Set-ups

An American in Paris Rental Gear Set-up for First Rehearsal.

The first photo is of my practice setup at home prepping for the tour. Tim Mulligan's set-up was SO different from the one I used on Year1, that I made sure I was comfortable. Dig the cardboard timpani and bells!

Wizard of Oz - Performance Set-ups

Year 2 Subbing

For year 2 of WOZ, the entire orchestra was self-contained and there were no locals hired.

Wizard of Oz -Performance Setup Photos - Year 1

Wizard of Oz - Orchestra Rehearsal Photos - Year 1

The Tour rented a duplicate setup of the performance kit to use for weekly orchestra rehearsals. Each week the traveling folks picked up locals in the city and would rehearse Tuesday morning for the opening show that evening. This meant I had to set up TWO complete sets of gear every Tuesday morning. Props would sketch out the performance kit in the pit and I would setup the rental gear for the rehearsal. On my breaks from rehearsal, I'd run down to the pit and get the performance kit tweaked correctly so Sound could mic everything. Yeah, Tuesdays were LONG days on the WOZ Tour Year 1!

West Side Story - North America Tour